WORKABLE Boundaries

Discover how I created workable boundaries in my life while opening a successful holistic healing center and growing a full practice in less than 6 months. This is a system to success in the holistic health field!

You have been trying for years to find the formula to success in the healthcare field. You manage to get just so far and then the bottom falls out of your “plan” and you are back to disappointment and frustration.

Join me for the Workable Boundaries Webinar and learn some easy to use tools that will help you get to where you want to go!!

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Meet Kathy Kelly

Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, Contemplative Life Coach, Medicinal Aromatherapist

Kathy is a gifted healer that specializes in working with Medical Professionals, Holistic Healthcare Practitioners, Empaths and Professional Caretakers. She brings a tremendous amount of personal experience around relationship transformation to all of her work. Kathy uses her vast knowledge to support and help professionals re-learn how to "put themselves into their own lives". She is a graduate of the 4 year energy healing program offered at the prestigious Barbara Brennan School of Healing; as well as a Contemplative Life Coach and Medicinal Aromatherapist. Kathy is devoted to supporting her clients in the discovery of how they matter in their own lives! She empowers and supports her clients as they learn to implement healing tools to improve their physical, emotional and spiritual relationships.
Kathy lives in the beautiful state of Vermont with her husband Brian. They are the parents of three adult children living in all areas of the country. Kathy loves to spend time with her family and friends and is very grateful for the journey she has experienced over the course of her lifetime.

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